• Communicating with The Soul of Your Unborn Child

    Communicating with The Soul of Your Unborn Child0

    What is Intuitive Communication (Unconscious communication)? Today’s guest, Sandra Jones-Keller discusses how she uses her intuition to communicate with the souls of unborn children and by doing so she helps expectant mothers and fathers to better prepare themselves.

  • Alien Intruders: From The Files of Budd Hopkins0

    To meet Debra Kauble on the street, you’d never know she has a remarkable past. When you find out she’s “Kathie Davis”, from Budd Hopkins’ 1987 book “Intruders”, the questions begin. The story of Debra’s abduction and the strange phenomena that has surrounded her family for years is as mysterious as it is enlightening. What

  • Dark Forces: Family Tortured by Demonic Entities – Farside 0630

      Bill Bean joined The Farside to discuss the torment that he, and his family, endured when they moved to a new house in Glen Burnie, Maryland—when Bill was just four years of age.