• The creepy ghost lady0

    Well, it all started about 3, years ago my grandma had moved into a new home when I first walked in I got the creeps but I didn’t think anything of it. Because I was only about 10, so a couple of months go by everything is going fairly well until one night about 3:00am,

  • Figures


    Location of Haunting West Plains, Missouri One day my friends were doing a Wicca circle. I didn’t really believe in those things and I thought they were weird, so I just decided to lay down, but as soon as I closed my eyes we all saw each other and could talk to each other. I

  • Passing Through

    Passing Through0

    It was circa 1986, around 10:30 PM, and my Mother was a bit irritated with my Father, for once again, rolling into the middle of their brand new king-sized bed. Because their bedroom was small, they had to rearrange the furniture because the bed was so big. With the TV now on the opposite side